specialists in production of supercritical fluids systems.

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Separeco boasts a deep knowledge in the field of reactors for the production of photosynthetic micro organisms biomasses. Our technology is based on the optimal transfer of luminous energy emitted by the bulbs, considered per volume unit. For this reason we utilize annular type reactors, in which the light source is placed. IN particular, we set up a new research system, very compact, that allows to grow termophile micro organisms, absolutely inexistent on the market. Our reactors utilize cold light bulbs, which do not transfer any heat to the culture medium, hence there is no need for a cooling system, unless obviously, the desired temperature is below the environmental one.The main skid measures only 110 cm x 55 cm and contains all the necessary equipment for a good functioning of the plant, precisely:

  • Two 50 liters high resistance methacrylate reactors 4/5 mm thick,
  • Electronic phase cut feeders for the illumination control between 3 and 100%;
  • Silent 180 bar air pump for low noise environments;
  • 1 μm absolute filter for air treatment;
  • 0,3  μm filter mounted on each reactor;
  • Semi-watertight cover for the reactors;
  • Temperature automatic control system with 0.1°C resolution;
  • Steel-coated cartridge resistances working with low tension (24 V);
  • 220/24 dimmers;
  • pH Automatic control with real time visualization of the measured data;
  • Timer for day/night cycle simulation;
  • Air+CO2 flux regulation valves;
  • Safety switches.

These reactors were utilized also for photosynthetic micro organisms cultivation for thermal sludges regeneration.

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