specialists in production of supercritical fluids systems.

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Productive potential

Primo impianto Fitoplan prodotto nel 1996The FITOPLAN® system resulted to be particularly effective for the cultivation of photosynthetic microalgae such as Nannochloropsis spp., Phaeodactylum spp., Chlorella spp., Tetraselmis spp., Pavlova spp., Isochrysis spp, Thalassiosira spp. And other species, obtaining variable daily productivities, depending on the strain, between 0.3 and 0.5 gl-1d-1. In the case of Nannochloropsis spp. The concentration reached is 1.3-1.5 billions cells per milliliter after a cultivation period of 7-10 solar days (7.6 g/l). Naturally it is necessary to choose an industrial cycle (start-up, growth, collection) to be 4 to 10 days long, and it has to be function of your internal organization (a cycle with collection rotation for the obtainment of a continuous production or with periodic collection for productions having fixed matureness). These choices depends on the expected qualitative and quantitative results and on the needs of your organization.The surface occupied by the productive system and the technological annexes results to be around 20-30 m2 for a medium-large scale system. 

Energetic consumption

The photobioreactors energetic consumption for the indoor illumination is 0.5 KW for each one.Given the reactors particular geometry, it is possible to evaluate the utilization of luminous mixed cycles (artificial/natural lights) so that it is possible to reduce the energetic by 30%. The obtained electrical energy savings are around 60%, as an effect of the minimum volume of illuminated medium, which contains a cells concentration up to 50 times higher than the ones in traditional systems. 


Work effort

The work requested for the system management results to be much lower and, depending on its size and organization, it is lower than the work applied in the traditional systems by 50-80%. Moreover this system allows considerable savings in the nutrients utilization for the alimentary row enrichment, as an effect of the high cells concentration per milliliter, and this concentration achievement is possible thanks to the FITOPLAN® system and the better quality of the final product, the latter determined by more effective controls.The manufacturer can guarantee the following design and construction characteristics for the plant:

  • Process engineering and system design;
  • Dimensional calculation of the recipients and the utilized equipments;
  • Installation drawings, installation manuals and operational/maintenance manuals;
  • Electrical schemes project;
  • Specialized manpower for the installation and the start-up.

 For more information please go to: FITOPLAN.IT web site

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