specialists in production of supercritical fluids systems.

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Extraction and fractionated extraction (SFE/SFF/SFP/SFM/SFC).

  • Application to solid vegetable matrices for essential oils, oleoresins, flavorings, active principles, alimentary, cosmetic, pharmaceutic valuable compounds;
  • Obtainment of enriched fractions;
  • Liquids fractionation (SFF – Supercritical Fluids Fractionation);
  • Marc oil, rape oil treatment, for acidity and steroidal reduction and for the pigments and wax fractions removal;
  • Fish oil mixtures treatment;
  • Oil mixtures extracted from microalgal biomass treatment;
  • Ethyl and methyl esters mixtures treatment;
  • Preparative chromatography (SFC – Supercritical Fluid Chromatography);
  • Ethyl and methyl esters mixtures treatment for the obtainment of high purity products (EPA > 92%, DHA > 90%);
  • Organic solvents substitution in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry;
  • Synthesis products purification;
  • Organic solvents removal (superior alcohols, chlorinated organic compounds, DMSO, NMP, DMF) from antibiotics and polymers;
  • Inert matrices impregnation for supported catalysts preparation;
  • Metallocenes deposition through Rapid Expansion of a Supercritical Solution (RESS) run in batch process;
  • Micronization processes;
  • RESS applied to pharmaceutical powders such as antibiotics, antimycotics, hormones;
  • Supercritical antisolvent induced precipitation (SAS) starting from a homogeneous solution, performed either in continuous or discontinuous process, applied to pharmaceutical interesting substances (ialuronic acid, salbutanol, pentamidine) and electronic interesting substances (yttrium acetate as a conductor);
  • Saturated solution gas precipitation (SSGP) starting from a homogeneous solution, applied to polyethylenglycole;
  • Drugs coating (discontinuous heterogeneous SAS) with ethylcellulose, acrylic polymers, ftalates;
  • Medical devices;
  • Controlled drugs release systems;
  • New engineered drugs production;
  • Supercritical  state reactions;
  • Microbial population control;
  • Pesticides removal;
  • Polluted soils or sludges remediation;
  • Precision mechanics, gold industry, microelectronic apparatuses utensils degreasing and cleaning.

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