specialists in production of supercritical fluids systems.

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                          HMI on smartphone

Separeco developed a new PLC control system, piloted by a software called Gerico, which supervises all the process management activities. Thanks to this software all the variables are video and temporally-graphically memorized, and the graphs are printable. All the settings are shown on a big size monitor. The general control panel is shown in the figure. Gerico is able to set:

  • Process pressure;
  • CO2 flow rate and feeding pump flow rate;
  • The temperature of each single vase, reactor or exchanger;
  • Boiler temperature;
  • Chiller temperature;
  • Warning and emergency stop alarms.

Gerico is able to visualize:

  • The pressure before and after every single vase, for the evaluation of pressure losses;
  • The temperature of each test point;
  • The pumps flow rate in Kg/h;
  • The amount of CO2 pumped during the cycle;
  • All the warning messages;
  • Real tie graphs with limits indications;
  • Valves position and temperature control.

Gerico communicates with the PLC via 10/100 Mbit Ethernet protocol. The control panel is also visible in remote mode through a VPN connection on the Internet. A sophisticated warnings management system has been implemented . Seven different intervention levels were created, and they interact with the PLC providing information, warnings and emergency stops due to malfunctioning. The graphs has a real time zoom functionality, with visualization of operative limits and set points.

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