specialists in production of supercritical fluids systems.

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The operative and kinetic results obtained from the experimentation on pilot plants were proven to be adequate and reliable for a proper scale-up and sizing the industrial plant basing on the productive needs. Our experience lead us to build plants having 4 parallel 300 liters extractors, some of those meant for the Chinese market.The choice to utilize this configuration type was dictated by the possibility of being able to endow the system of more flexibility, hence to utilize one or more extractors according to the productive necessities. Moreover, the utilization of several extractors favors the economic handling efficiency and the lowering of the loading and unloading dead times. In fact, the utilization of several extractors in parallel allows the reduction of CO2 losses due to the depressurization, and through a compressor it is possible to compress the residual CO2, so that every loss is eliminated.

Plant specifications:

Lateral view

  • Operation pressure up to 380 bar;
  • Two or more extractors having volumes between 100 and 800 liters each;
  • CO2 pump flow rate between 500 and 5000 Kh/h;
  • PLC system and Gerico software for automatisms and alarms management;
  • Servo assisted opening system;
  • Automatic collection system;
  • Total CO2 recovery.

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