specialists in production of supercritical fluids systems.

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                         25 liters pilot plant

Separeco produces 2 to 200 liters pilot plants. The utilization of a pilot plant allows to obtain good quality extracts and/or refined products on which it is possible to perform a wide range of tests, including evaluation panels. With plants having at least 5 liters volume it is possible to produce small series of samples for commercial feasibility evaluation.The configuration as flexible as possible. It starts with the smallest 2 liters model SCF200 up to the 10 liters model SCF1000.The specifications are:

  • Operation pressure between 300 and 600 bar;
  • CO2 pump flow rate between 36 and 300 Kg/h;
  • Tower/pasteurization reactor feeding pump flow rate between 2 and 7 Kg/h;
  • Extractor volume between 2 and 200 liters;
  • Rapid closures without locknut and bolts;
  • Multiple separators configuration;
  • 2.5 to 7 meters high fractionation column with structured filling bodies;
  • 1.5 to 25 liters continuous pasteurizer;
  • Chiller provided complementary;
  • Heater provided complementary.

The sizes are very restrained. The 5 liters model SCF500 measures 280 cm x 160 cm, and it is 220 cm high, excluding the fractionation tower. We can provide it in several versions, manual ones and PLC assisted ones, supervised by a PC with total control on the process and video graphs generation.  The model SCF500 (but this applies to each model, from SCF200 to SCF1000) is configurable as follows:

  • SCF500 series 1, extraction;
  • SCF500 series 2, extraction1 and fractionation;
  • SCF500 series 3, extraction1 and pasteurization;
  • SCF500 series 4, extraction1, fractionation e pasteurization;
  • SCF500 series 5, extraction1, fractionation, pasteurization e micronization;
  • SCF500 series 9, customizable upon request.

Note 1: available with high pressure water extraction stage and/or with co-solvent feeding system.All plants can be provided in three different versions:

  • MP: with PTFE double membrane pumps (max 380 bar);
  • HP: with metallic membrane pumps (max 500 bar);
  • UP: with double metallic membrane pumps (max 680 bar).

Each model can be chosen to be manual or PLC and PC assisted with the Gerico control software, able to produce temporal graphs in relation to all the process variables. Moreover it is possible to configure the exercise pressure between 300 and 600 bar. The initial investment is never lost: our plants are scalable! It is always possible to upgrade from series 1 to series 2 and so on, up to series 5. Separeco pay the maximum attention in the components choice for the realization of their plants, utilizing components produced by the best brands on the market. Stainless steel for the skid, Autoclave Engineers valves, Lewa membrane pumps, Swagelok high pressure bridges, Parker pneumatic valves. All our plants are realized according to the European PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) legislation, labeled CE and with all the relevant certifications.

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