specialists in production of supercritical fluids systems.

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Writing projects

The Separeco approach to industrial problems has always been oriented to provide practical answers to entrepreneurs who have requested and require process innovation. Separeco respond to these requests in different ways:

Providing a quote for a new system focused on the process characteristics and the definition of the productive possibility in terms of quality (type of product, chemical and physical characteristics of the products etc.) and quantitaty (amount of product per cycle production, energy consumption, etc.).

Writing  the industrial project to be implemented in several stages:

  1. Technical testing of industrial feasibility
  2. business plan consists of bibliographic research, market analysis, definition of the level of production, economic and financial budget,
  3. communication and dissemination of technical-scientific results through publications and / or participation in fairs and congresses

Providing the preparation of requests for concessions and / or research projects, and financed development



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Project management

Project management is a skill that can be provided by a company that has the following characteristics:

know in minute detail the technological application that intends to achieve

It is organized to provide not only a product or a system, but also a comprehensive service that includes all aspects (research and development, manufacturing start-up, business organization, innovation development) that can actually lead to qualify an initiative

Separeco, using skills developed during more than two decades of activity, is able to offer not only a system dedicated to different types of productions, but also a service that can be strategic for the customer who wishes to use them. For project management in fact we mean the planning, design, implementation, organization and monitoring of a business plan


Technology consulting

The market segment in which Separeco works concerns environmentally friendly technologies in all sectors reflected on this site. The eco-friendly, made from current weather conditions and pollution, requires in different sectors a strong process of innovation. The technology consulting we intend to offer our customers consists of a concrete industrial feasibility plan provided through:

  1. bibliographic research on the situation concerning the technical feasibility of the affected applications
  2. physico-chemical characterization of raw materials to be processed
  3. tests on pilot plants 
  4. identification of process conditions (temperature, pressure, amount of supercritical solvent per kg. of raw material treated etc.).
  5. definition of industrial yields and process parameters that have economic implications (term process, daily production, energy consumption, equipment depreciation
  6. of industrial plant design

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