specialists in production of supercritical fluids systems.

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The company

Separeco Srl was founded in 2005 by a group of people  that had 10 years of experience in environmentally friendly processes that use CO2 as a solvent and in the cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms. Our business project is to develop high-tech and environmentally friendly systems. The project's objective was  to create a company able to fit into an economic sector that is able to combine high-tech technologies and new products for markets with high dynamism. The investment in R & D accounts for Separeco is a fundamental choice, certainly in contrast in Italy with the common tendency to delegate this function only to public institutions (Universities, CNR, CRA, etc..) but which responds to a model widely used in the U.S. (eg Dedicated Biotechnology Companies), Japan and northern Europe. To do this, the only investment in equipment and tools are not enough as the simple addition of scientific expertise, even authoritative: we need to create, within a specific business plan, the ability to translate the "idea" in the process technology or innovative product that can open new markets.


Separeco is a company that builds plants using fluids in supercritical state for the extraction processes from vegetable and manufactures industrial applications in the field of biotech and microbiology. In order to develop core technologies for which it is addressed, Separeco has units devoted to engineering and process development and production of natural products from plant matrices. The plants manufactured by Separeco use highly innovative technologies that do not contaminate the environment and are for the extraction and fractionation of natural essences, dyes, intermediates and aroma to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, the pasteurization and the fractionation liquid foods (fruit juice, wine, spirits, etc..), the drug coating of dust


Separeco was developed by identifying and selecting partners with experience, expertise and professionalism to ensure high margins of success. The corporate structure of Separeco is constituted by private shareholders, from a mix of experience, which include several research and development sectors: agrifood, designing, precision mechanics, electronics and software, very motivated on the aims of the project Separeco and companies that have a high business and technology  profile.

Separeco brought in this chain process knowledge and engineering, necessary for the realization of the plants, taking advantage of the industrial relations system of mechanical industry of Piedmont, Turin in particular. The other partners come from other sectors like robotic automation for industrial processes and heavy steel processing industry.


The degree of innovation and constant updating in research are also favored by many academic contacts with organizations specializing in the field such as the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Padova, DICAMP the University of Trieste, the University of Milan DISTAM The DISTAM University of Florence, Department of Chemical and Food Engineering, University of Salerno, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Turin.

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